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Beautiful design and soulful places is our business and our passion. As they say, a house becomes a home when it’s personalised. Your space should show off your tastes and personality, work with your lifestyle, and may be make your guests a little jealous. We know that creating a home interior that does all of these things isn’t easy. But we have already accepted that challenge. We fill the warmth of love into your home to make it look more lively.

To achieve this, we provide sustainable design solutions. We do detailed study considering furniture layout, electrical layout, style, colour, furniture, natural light, windows and design elements. Our focus is to pay full attention to detail and we totally live upto this Mantra. Creating personality for spaces which suits your personal choices. We maintain the synergy between the classism and modernization in the design.

Let's make our places more beautiful!!

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Shine, A Design Studio

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